Welcome in the St. George

Every Sunday there are congregation members and guests who do not speak Dutch in service. Therefore, all church services are translated simultaneously into English. By means of headphones, the other speakers receive the translation. Before each Sunday, a summary of the sermon and a translation of the liturgy will be made in English. These are sent by e-mail to the translator during the service and the supervisors. The supervisors provide a print and sit next to the foreign brother or sister. Foreign Comforters can thus take good care of the service and ask questions.

Time services: 9.30 A.M. and 18.00 P.M.


Some features of our worship

  1. Bible: This book is the basis of the Christian faith. We believe that God speaks to us through the Bible and that the sermon by the minister is one of the central elements in our worship service.  You may use one of the Bibles found on the table near the entrance of the church. Some of these contain, next to the books of the Bible (Old Testament and New Testament), the Psalms we sing, the Creeds we adhere to and the forms used for the Sacraments. Sometimes these also found in separate publications.
  2. Consistory. The consistory or church council is responsible for the liturgy of the service. They are the elected male members of the congregation that carry out special tasks in our congregation. These tasks are called offices. The church council consists of a minister, elders, deacons and elder-custodians. More information can be gained from a booklet in the cupboard near the exit or by contacting us personally.
  3. Psalms. The Psalms we sing come from the Bible, have been put to rhyme and music. In our liturgy we use the classic version of 1773 and Weerklank of 2015.

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important "
C.S. Lewis

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